Aidan (sedesdraconis) wrote,

Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Bob Elliot, Shaman, Christian, Patriarch. born 1927.09.09, died 2006.03.21

All true wealth is biologic, and he was a very wealthy man. Wife of 59 or so years. 6 children, 12 grandchildren, and a great-granchild. A vast, beautiful property which has been a strong hub for the clan for 25 years.

He lived long enough for many things that were important for me for him to see: the swimming hole restored for the first time in years last summer; to meet his first great-grandchild this past week; visits from many of his scattered grandchildren in the past month; all six of his children with him when he died.

The first wedding of one of his grandchildren is scheduled for 3 months from now, it will be strange for him not to preside over it; and over others in the future.

I bought a mousepad of Ursula Vernon's Bear with Salmon that was supposed to be for his birthday a year and a half ago. But I bought it early, and it got lost on the way. It turned up a couple times, but was still here tob e found on my stairs when I cleaned for termiting earlier in the month. I sent it up to hiim with my parents on Friday. He got it, and I'm told loved it.

We worked together on figuring out what of all of Audrey's names mean, last month. I'm sorry he wasn't able to do the naming ceremony he planned.
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